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KONG_ You are King or just poor Guard

Not like the others, I see that film by my eyes with my mind. That’s reason why I feel it’s amazing. Not good…. Amazing. Yes, I tell about Kong: The Skull Island ( 2017) _ The movie all guy said bad.

“Dear Billy,
I know I said I would be home at your birthday , but … “

When all of you go through the storm , what do you see ? How do you feel ?
Beautiful , huh… or peace …. or both ? _ But what did you do ?


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“ We are using explosives to shake the earth, and create vibrations … Scientific instruments “

Wow, so smart and polite . Go into someone’s land and dropping bombs … for good reasons , right?
One of them killed my 20 year olds auntie , foolish boys !

However, I’m not blame you. I remember your look when you obey command to bomb and then “be bombed”. Young, Innocent and Enthusiastic. You’re remind me about “Silent American”. You not wrong, so do we.
“ They” … wrong, always. And we’ve just paid for their fault.

“Sometimes the enemy doesn’t exist until you are looking for one”

Oh Randa, monster kill your family not Kong… you’ve just find Kong because it’s easier than the real one. Oh Packard, you belive wrong people and do wrong things but then you revenge for the sake of …

Why every soldiers know colonel crazy but still follow, what scare you ? Alone or Abandon !

As usual, film end when Good side have win, “but nothing lasts forever, I guess.”

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